Child Care and Education is offered every Sunday during the 10 am service. Parents may drop off  children from infants to age 12 to the Nursery/Play area, beginning at 9:45 and pick them up after the service (before Coffee Hour).

The routine described in Sunday Mornings During the 10 am Service includes time for socialization, Christian Education, art and a short  (optional) time to experience the service with their parents.

Please read more about our Children’s programming below.


St. David’s programming for children continues to benefit from excellent stewardship of resources and the creativity of past educators. We have excellent space for play and instruction, and ample materials for curriculum. Currently about six involved families bring about eleven children on a regular basis, the oldest of whom is 12, and the youngest of whom is a toddler. There are also guest children from time to time, and friends of our regular students who join us.

Sundays in the Nursery

Our Nursery Coordinator schedules a rotation of five or six young adult nursery attendants, all of whom are paid a modest sum. Their “Safe Church” training is kept up to date in keeping with Diocesan guidelines. The children feel very comfortable with the attendants and the Coordinator, and clearly trust them and feel safe.

Sunday Mornings During the 10 am Service

On Sundays, children gather in the play area as the service begins at 10 am. Then at about 10:10, they move to a classroom space for the day’s lesson, based on the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum. At Communion, most children go in to the service to receive Communion with their families, and then return to the play area until coffee hour. During the classroom time, they usually produce artwork that reflects on the lesson for the day, and that is prominently displayed in the hallways of the church for all to enjoy.

Annual Children’s Events

The annual Christmas Pageant is the most important children’s event of the year, and takes place on Christmas Eve at 5pm under the direction of the parents in the context of a family-friendly Eucharist. Another important event is the Children’s Christmas Bazaar, where only children can shop for gifts for their family and friends at a very affordable price. Adults contribute gently used items, and both St. David’s children and neighborhood children enjoy the Bazaar every year.


Parents and parishioners have identified several ways in which they would like to see the program grow:

  • Train children to serve as acolytes and readers in the service
  • Develop inter-generational craft projects in the parish hall after a service
  • Develop service projects for the children to participate in
  • Process our collection of children’s books into a working lending library
  • Provide music instruction as part of the Sunday school curriculum, using the talents of various parishioners

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