To Community Groups that meet in the St. David’s building

Per a directive from the Diocese: At this time only truly essential health programs (such as twelve step-groups) shall gather in the church space. These essential groups shall exercise appropriate social distancing and hygiene precautions. See Corona Virus Response from the Diocese.

Be mindful that the latest Federal Guidelines is that a gathering be no more than 10 people. Questions concerning your group should be directed towards your group facilitator.

Call the Parish Office with questions.

St. David’s Church is a community resource. We welcome the use of our building and grounds by local groups. The guidelines and fee structure are below. All approval for use of any room is at the discretion of the Rector, and all performance groups must also be approved by the Music Director.

  • $250 for outside groups — that includes theater and arts groups not sponsored by St. David’s or part of the Celebration of the Arts, civic organizations, any for-profit enterprises.
  • $150 for groups in which parishioners are members — that includes all garden clubs, non-profit organizations which are not directly related to the mission of the church, boards on which parishioners serve.
  • Free to parishioners to hold private parties or events — that includes children’s birthday parties, anniversary parties, any private event. As with weddings and funerals, we ask for a donation for the church, but that is at the discretion of the parishioner.
  • Free to the Diocese and to mission-related non-profit groups — that includes any diocesan or district events, committee meetings for Interfaith Works, Center for New Americans, CODFish, etc.
  • Fees for existing and on-going groups will not change. That includes the various AA and self-help groups.
  • Finally, EVERY group who uses the building is required to do their own set-up and take down, and to return the rooms they use to the condition they find them. If any group needs help with set up, they will be charged a $50 fee per event, in addition to the fee for the use of the room, and we will hire people (young and strong people) to move the tables and chairs.

Posted on February 4, 2015 By gtrotta