Welcome to The Rev. Daniel J. Handschy, PhD.

The Rev. Daniel J. Handschy, PhD.

St. David’s would like to congratulate The Rev. Daniel J. Handschy, PhD who will became our new Rector as of January 1st, 2021.

Rev. Handschy moved here with his wife in July of 2019, and started at St. David’s as Priest-In-Charge on August 11th. He retired from a parish of 27 years in Missouri to be closer to family in CNY, a blessing for us. Dan is a scholar of Historical Theology,  bringing a deep understanding of  spirituality, science and the bible together. He worked with his previous parish to start many community initiatives such as a community garden and senior programs.

We look forward to continuing our journey together, embracing Jesus and growing in spirit as a community at St. David’s and beyond.

The wardens and vestry would also like to thank the parishioners for their patience, faith and prayers through this transition, as well as the leadership of The CNY Episcopal Diocese. The leadership of the diocese walked with us hand in hand on our journey to Rev. Handschy, especially Rev. Canon Scholfield-Broadbent and Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe. The wardens also would like to shout out to the vestry and all those involved in this decision, for their thoughts, prayers and hard work.

Welcome to St. David’s Rev. Handschy, and thank you Lord.

Rev. Handschy’s Biography.

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