Cottage meeting notes

Cottage meeting attendees:  Tina Kopp, Dave Tyler, Frank Decker, David Burgess, Wendy Flynn, Rob Hradsky.

In reviewing the survey results, there was some confusion because the results didn’t display the key (1= strongly disagree to 5= strongly agree). For most questions a “high score” was good, but for the couple of negative questions (i.e. “We have a communication problem”), a low score was good.

     Frank noted that the Vestry communicated well. He said that we were especially open about finances which is apparently not the case in many Episcopal churches.

      There was a discussion about how the vestry communicates with the parish. Should monthly minutes be available to everyone either on-line or in the newsletter? If so, personal or confidential information should be omitted. Rob suggested that a vestry member could give a brief update during a church service.

     There was strong consensus that Dan has been wonderful. He gives excellent sermons which is important. David Burgess said that he is a Godsend, welcoming and kind.

      Frank felt that talent and enthusiasm are what drives St. David’s.

      D. Burgess would like a picture of each congregant for a collage.

      There was a question as to whether a demographic profile of each member should be sent to the diocese.

       Wendy is interested in arranging with some local artists to show their work in the church on a rotating basis. The details will have to be worked out after the pandemic.

       I think it’s safe to say that everyone is more than happy with Dan and would be very pleased to have him as our Rector.

Meeting #2

Get on with it = (IMO) enough rigmarole; time to install Rev. Dan

Time restriction answer: Linda answered that he would be a permanent fixture. That seemed to satisfy the inquiry.

Meeting #3

– What effect does Dan moving from priest-in-charge to rector have on his compensation?

Remain the same? Form/parts change but total remains the same? Will it change?

– Relating to one or more of the survey questions;  “are these unresolved issues at St. Davids because of the past (Wally?)  or current”.

– Feeling of positive attitude at St. Davids in that people, including the Diocese, are looking forward and not being influenced by the past.

– Dan’s weekly Bible study is very worthwhile as well as interesting.  Too bad more people do not take advantage of it.