After the 10:00 am service, everyone is welcomed to the Parish Hall for coffee, tea, juice and often some tasty edibles. The most enjoyed treat is usually conversation. In the summer, we take advantage of the air conditioning in the church and service iced tea and lemonade in the back of the church.

If you have already offered to host Coffee Hour, many thanks! The following instructions also available as a .pdf document, which you can email or print here: Hosting Coffee Hour at Saint David’s.

What to bring: Everything required to make and serve coffee and tea are supplied (thanks First Friday team).  See Where Is It? for locations. Goodies such as cookies, crackers & cheese or fruit are welcomed, but not required.

When to arrive:  Allow 45 minutes before the 10 am service (or whatever else).

  • Plug in the Bunn coffee machine. The plug is behind the machine. There is no need to turn on any switches because coffee will be kept warm in carafes rather than on burners. In the 15-20 minutes before it’s ready to brew, it will be silent for quite a while; then gurgle until ready (no “ready” light).
  • Pre-warm two the thermal coffee carafes with hot water. Top pops up when ridged button is pressed. Remove stem until ready to serve coffee.
  • Pre-heat electric tea kettle.
  • Optional – Two tablecloths will cover the serving table. Consider that using tablecloths means you will wash and return them (probably will need it).
  • Set up (four) card tables and chairs
  • Set Long tables
    • Place two wood carafe platforms on table, each with a saucer to catch drips
    • Fill three sugar bowls and set three creamers on counter (filled later)
    • Next to each platform, place a sugar bowl, cups and a few teaspoons
  • Place remaining sugar bowl, cups, tea bags, teaspoons and creamer by tea kettle
  • If you have brought goodies, place them on serving plates. They may go on the long table and/or round table.
  • Make coffee: When Bunn coffee machine is done gurgling, it’s time to make the coffee! Start with two pots of regular and one pot of decaf. Leave the machine on until the end of coffee hour so you can make additional pot(s) as needed.
    • Pull out filter holder, add filter and half cup coffee.
    • Place an empty pot under filter
    • Fill another pot to the line on the pot, then pour into door on upper right
    • While coffee is brewing, empty hot water from carafes, then fill with coffee
    • Place coffee on the correct (regular or decaf) platform
  • You should be ready to go to church. Leave during the closing hymn to fill creamers.
  • During coffee hour, refill coffee, cream, etc. as needed.
  • Cleanup: Turn off Bunn machine. Rinse carafes and pots. Everything else can probably go in the dishwasher. Leave a note in the office asking that it be run. Take home tablecloths to wash if needed.

Bask in all the appreciation heaped upon you.

Where is it?

Thermal Coffee Carafes – Left cupboard under window to Parish Hall

Electric tea kettle – left side of window to Parish Hall

Tablecloths – Shelf under the stainless steel island.

Sugar – Top shelf in cupboard to left of sink

Teabags – Top shelf in cupboard to left of sink

Napkins – Lower corner cabinet near microwave

Cups – Upper cupboard near hall door

Sugar bowls & Creamers – Upper cupboard to right of Bunn machine

Teaspoons – Drawer facing window to Parish Hall

Serving Plates – Shelf to left of oven

Saucers – Right cupboard under window to Parish Hall

Coffee, Half & Half – Refrigerator

Coffee Filters – Upper shelf behind Bunn machine