Those Who Sing Pray Twice

Music at the 10:00 service reflects the season and lessons of the day. In addition to hymns and service music, the transition from the world to worship and back to the world is bridged by a prelude and postlude.

Richard Fields

Our choir sings (and rehearses) from September through May, led by Director Richard Fields and accompanied by Organist Nicholas Abelgore, who plays throughout the year. Saint David’s choir is small, but mighty. Years of embracing musical challenges provides us with a wide selection of music, from plainsong to Gospel.

Do you miss group singing? Join us this Fall and experience the joy!


Sectional Leads

Soprano Anne Shelly’s study of voice with Maureen Koepke and Carl Trump formulated a life-long appreciation for the belle canto style.  Anne has performed with local music colleagues at Civic Morning Musicals, May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society, Plymouth Congregational Church, and St. David’s Episcopal Church where she serves as soprano section leader.   She enjoys organizing small ensemble performances for church services and arranging and singing popular music from the 1930’s – 1960’s for a local women’s ensemble.

Tenor Nicholas Fields has been an active performer in the Syracuse, NY area for almost a decade.  He has a host of musical theatre credits, including the role of Tateh in Ragtime and Toad in The Wind in the Willows.  In years past, he was an active recitalist with the Society for New Music, premiering many works by up-and-coming composers.  Most recently, he can be heard singing jazz/rock/pop with a variety of ensembles and as a professional chorister.

Now, as a trumpet player, he has won two Syracuse Area Music Awards (SAMMYs) with Second Line Syracuse and the Jess Novak Band while playing in a host of other groups.  As a sideman, he has performed on 7 albums in the last two years, with more to come.  His work can be heard at festivals all around New York State, including the M&T Jazz Festival in both of the past two years.  He frequently serves as a horn section leader in many of these festivals, transcribing and arranging the works of notable artists such as James Brown and Bob Marley.  Additionally, he has a composition portfolio that includes over 80 works of chamber music, jazz and music spanning and encompassing a dozen other genres.
Nick credits the belief and time he was granted by area professionals for his swift convalescence into top-call trumpet player.  As such, education is very dear to him.  Currently, he spreads his philosophies of inculcating belief in the self and the clarity of an empowered imagination to trumpet/piano/musicianship students on a private level and in the Syracuse City School Districts.  He looks forward to sharing the fruit of his labors with the St. David’s Episcopal community, and is very thankful that you have taken him and his father Richard Fields aboard with such warmth and grace.
He looks forward to spreading Light through the music ministry here at St. David’s for years to come.


Nicholas Abelgore studied music performance and music education at Syracuse University. His primary focus was as a trombonist and pianist, but has since picked up organ, guitar, and singing along the way. Nick enjoys a wide palette of musical projects and has experience in classical, jazz, wedding bands, acoustic rock trios, musical theatre pits, improvisational drum circles, and various denominations of churches.

Outside of music, Nick teaches restorative-based yoga at several local studios, as well as yoga for kids. He currently works at the Montessori School of Syracuse in the After-Hours program and as a substitute teacher.


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