September Vestry Minutes

Due to COVD-19 the vestry meeting was conducted via ZOOM beginning at 5:30PM.


Clergy:The Rev. Dan Handschy

Wardens: Tina Kopp and Bob Meyer

Vestry: Laura Hannett-Smith, Mike Kimber, Carol Murphy, Jim Shults, Dave Tyler, Ann Wickes and Linda Williams

Tresurer:Denise Mako

The minutes from August were read on-line. Two corrections were noted: The meeting ended at 6:20PM and there was a double negative in the paragraph about our cleaning service. Dave T. made a motion to accept the corrected minutes, seconded by Bob M. and approved.

Dan H. discussed his electronic visitations.

Dan H. will be going back to Colorado to pack up his mom for her move to Bellingham, Washington. He will leave on September 28 and return on October 7.

This meeting will serve as our September vestry meeting so we will not meet on September 28.

Dick Fields has a plan for the music program. Dan H. will forward Dick F.’s e-mail to the vestry.

We need two delegates to the virtual Diocesan Convention being held November 20-21. There will be sessions for a few hours each day with breaks in between. Jim S. and Carol M. volunteered to attend. Bob M. moved to accept Jim S. and Carol M. as our delegates to the Diocesan Convention, seconded by Dave T. and approved.



Diocesan Step III states that we can return to inside worship at 33% of the building capacity. That would allow us 46 people at each service. We must file a covenant with the Diocese to move back indoors. This would require a deep cleaning (Brophy can do that), physical distancing, no singing, one way in and another way out, no common touch objects such as collection plates or books, no coffee hour and Communion with bread only. Reservations must be made for in person worship. Are we ready? Bob M. has spoken with Brophy and they will get back to us with a quote. Once we resume the cleaning service it would need to be on a regular basis as opposed to as needed. Linda W. asked if it could be scheduled every other week instead of weekly. Dan H. said that we could help with the deep cleaning so that Brophy would not have to do more than they did before we closed. Dave T. asked what would happen with Brophy if we have to close again. Bob M. will ask when they call back. There is a Diocesan grant for deep cleaning. The filing deadline is Friday so we will get that in by then. We can clean the pews, doorknobs and other shared surfaces ourselves at the end of the service.

Will we have one or both services? Bob M. said we could use the phone tree to get parishioner’s opinions whether if we should move back indoors.

It was decided to file a covenant to resume services indoors, beginning October 11, the first Sunday after Dan H returns. We will still stream the 10:00 service for those who are not comfortable coming into the building.

Some building use groups have returned. They must have less than 15 people attending and they must clean before and after the meeting. They must follow the same cleaning precautions we do for services.

What can we do about hanging up coats? Maybe we could hum hymns.


The wardens have met with Dan H. and Canon Carrie Schofield-Broadbent and drafted a letter to the Bishop calling Dan H. as Rector for St. David’s. There was discussion as to when we should send the letter. Carrie S-B. suggested that we hold virtual cottage meetings to let the parishioners know that the vestry decided to call Dan H. as Rector and to share the data from the vestry survey. It would also give the parishioners a chance to voice their opinion and ask questions. This will be the opportunity for folks to share their thoughts, find out where they think God is leading St. David’s and let the vestry know what else they would like to see in our future. Two vestry persons will host each session. Dan H. will set up the dates and the ZOOM meetings. There will be a session in the building for those who do not have electronic access after the Diocese has approved our covenant. Laura H-S. suggested that the survey results go out the the congregation before the cottage meetings are held. Jim S. stated that it would be simpler to mail the survey results out with a request to send it back with questions, suggestions and comments. Dan H. said that Carrie S-B. suggested in person meetings as it would help people connect with each other and the vestry. Surveys often are cold and impersonal. We will also offer the opportunity to speak with a vestry person one-on-one if some one is uncomfortable airing an opinion in a group setting. Jim S. made a motion to send the letter, as drafted by the wardens, to the Bishop requesting that Dan H. be called as Rector to St. David’s, seconded by Linda W. and approved. This letter will be sent shortly.

Jim S. made a motion to adjourn at 6:29PM, seconded by Dave T., and approved. Our next meeting will be Monday, October 26, at 7:00PM