Vestry Minutes – Dec 28, 2020


Clergy: The Rev. Dan Handschy

Wardens:Tina Kopp and Bob Meyer

Vestry: Mike Kimber, Jim Shults, Dave Tyler, Ann Wickes and Linda Williams  Absent:Laura Hannett-Smith and Carol Murphy

Treasurer:Denise Mako

Due to COVID-19 the vestry meetings conducted via ZOOM.
The vestry meeting opened at 7:00PM with a prayer for those suffering from COVID and their loved ones.  The minutes from November were read online and Jim S. made a motion to approve them, seconded by Dave T. and approved.

PRIEST-IN-CHARGE REPORT: Dan H. There is not a lot to report.  Dan H. made several phone calls and helped a parishioner get to an appointment.
The wardens had nothing to report.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Denise M. The forgiveness for the PPP loan was repaid in the amount of $7664.92. Our Year To Date income/expense will show a profit of about $3000.00.   The prepaid pledges fo 2021 will post in the beginning of January. There is a pre-Denise’s time pot of money ($6,946.00) in a designated fund.  However this fund has not been broken down as for what this money can be used.  We will address that in the budget discussion.  Jim S. made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Bob M. and, using the Zoom polling tool, approved.

OLD BUSINESS: We have received a letter of agreement from the Diocese, calling Dan H. as Rector.  This was read on-line and a motion to accept this letter was made by Dave T., seconded by Tina K. and approved.  The wardens need to stop by the office to sign this letter. Stewardship: Dan H. So far we have $112,294.00 in pledges for 2021.  There are two units that have not returned their cards.  Last year these units pledged $6,120.  However we do not expect them to meet those numbers in the coming year. Housing allowance: Dan H. Resolved that St. David’s Episcopal Church pay The Rev. Dan Handschy a monthly housing allowance of $833.33 as part of his overall compensation package in 2021.  This resolution is to remain in force until otherwise modified.  Bob M. moved to accept this Resolution, seconded by Dave T. and approved.

BUDGET: Denise M. The budget for 2021 will show a deficit of about $13,000.00.  After the excess money from 2020 is added in, we will have a deficit budget of $10,408.00.  Due to the uncertainly of 2021 there is no fundraising income nor are the two outstanding pledge units included in the budget.  There are lots of uncertainties – will we have much income from building rental, special offerings, etc.?  We do not have our Diocesan assessment yet. There was much discussion about the money in the designated fund.   Mike K. made a motion to move $3,000.00 of the $6,946.00 into the designated music fund and divide the remaining fund equally among the designated funds for Outreach, Flowers and Memorial.  This was seconded by Linda W. and approved.  This would bring the soloist budget line item down to $4,500.00 from $7,500.00, the rest of the soloists’ salaries would come from the Music Designated Fund.  The Outreach line item will be brought to 0 and outreach will be paid from the Outreach Designated Fund.  With these changes we will present a deficit budget of $4,408.  A motion was made by Dave T. to accept this budget, seconded by Bob M. and approved.

NEW BUSINESS: Annual meeting: Dan H. As the Annual Meeting will be virtual we need to be sure that those who do not have computer access will have a means with which to vote.  There was a discussion as to whether to use phone in or paper ballots.  Dan H. will be sure that those who cannot vote via the computer will have paper ballots ahead of time.  The meeting will be January 31, 2021. Vestry seats: Dan H. At last year’s annual meeting, we voted to change the number of vestry for nine (9) to six (6).  Leaving the vestry in 2021 are Laura H-S., Bob M., Dave T., Ann W. and Linda W.  Carol M. is moving and her position will need to be filled until 2023.  We will need one warden (can come from the vestry), two (2) vestry persons for a three (3) year term until the annual meeting in 2024 and one (1) for a two (2) year term until the annual meeting of 2023.  Two people have agreed to become vestry members so we still need one more.  Suggestions are welcome.
Dave T. made a motion to adjourn at 8:26PM, seconded by Jim S. and approved.  Our next meeting will be January 25, 2021 at 7:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Parry, Clerk of the Vestry