Vestry Minutes – Nov 23, 2020

PRESENT: Clergy:The Rev. Dan Handschy

Wardens: Tina Kopp and Bob Meyer

Vestry: Laura Hannett-Smith, Mike Kimber, Carol Murphy, Jim Shults, Dave Tyler, Ann Wickes and Linda Williams

Treasurer: Denise Mako (Absent)

The minutes for the Board of Directors of St. David’s Court were sent on-line.  There are two corrections: Dave Tyler and Ann Wickes were present.  These corrections will be sent to Cindy Bird at Christopher Community.  Jim S. made a motion to accept the minutes for St. David’s Court as corrected, seconded by Tina Kopp and approved.   It was noted that the Conflict of Interest forms for St. David’s Court must be signed and scanned to Cindy B. if you have not already done so.  The minutes for the October vestry meeting were read on-line.  Carol M. moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Linda W. and approved.

REPORT OF THE PRIEST-IN-CHARGE: Dan H. Dan H. spoke of his pastoral visits via telecommunication with one home visit he felt necessary. So far we have received over $1000.00 in memorial gifts for Corinne Farnham. Dan H. was chair of the Nominating Committee for the Diocesan Annual Convention.  He is pleased that all positions have been filled. The electronic equipment that we are using at the 10AM service was purchased with a grant we received form the Diocese. Nick Fields will be taking over the music program for the next few weeks.

WARDENS’ REPORT: Bob M We will continue to use Brophy’s Cleaning Service even if we are shut down.  We cannot keep turning the service on and off.  Groups are still using the building so we still need cleaning service.  Perhaps they could do some more intensive tasks with their extra time.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Dan H. The application for forgiveness of the PPP loan has been sent to Solvay bank who has submitted it.  As of today the loan forgiveness has not been posted to our account. We are very close to budget for our plate offerings and pledges.  We are still in the black. There is a large discrepancy in the clergy medical expense line.  This is because the budget was based on the 2019 allowance and Kathy Corley was a single person whereas Dan H. is a +1.  The budget will be adjusted for 2021. Dan H. will contact the groups using our building to be sure they are coming back.  Some of the groups, notable the Anonymous  groups, cannot pay rent per their by-laws so they can only make contributions to us. Civic Morning Musicals do not have any dates for concerts until May.  We need to check to be sure they have paid for the insurance on the piano which Dan H. will do. A motion was made by Dave T. to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Jim S. and approved.


Calling Dan H. as rector: Dan H. Although Dan H. has received a card from the bishop, congratulating him, he has not received an official letter naming him as Rector of St. David’s.  He would like to mark this occasion with a Celebration of New Ministry.  He would like to announce it to the congregation but wait until we can worship together again for the service.  He will check with Canon Carrie Schofield-Broadbent as to when this should take place.

Stewardship Campaign: Dan H. So far we have 24 pledges for $72,674.00 with 17 likely pledges still to come in.  If these pledge units do not increase and remain at the same level as 2020, it would generate an additional $45,350.00 for a total of $118,024.00 which is an increase over last year.  This is absolutely remarkable considering the year we’ve had.   Finance Committee: Dan H. We need to schedule a meeting before the next vestry meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: There will be a suspension of worship, at least through the new year.  Dan H. is pleading for suggestions for a Christmas Eve service.  Bob M. wondered if the Diocese had any plans.  Perhaps we could partner with Eastside Episcopalians.  Any thoughts are welcome PLEASE!  Jim S. suggested we move the service to 9:00PM.   We have always had a giving tree but with suspension of worship that is not possible.  Laura H-S. will contact Huntington Center to see if we can do anything for them.  Carol M. said that Interfaith Works would likely be needing gifts, too. Linda W. asked that we take the blurb out of the newsletter asking for sandwich making for the Samaritan Center since we are no longer making sandwiches but making a cash contribution instead.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:44.  Our next meeting is December 28, 2020, at 7:00PM.