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Returning to In-Person Worship

The updated guidelines went into effect on February 28th, 2021.  Highlights include (in part):

  • In-person gatherings for worship and other purposes are permitted, with a limit of 33% of space occupancy (at St. David’s that is 46 people in the sanctuary) or 50 individuals, whichever is fewer. Online/hybrid worship is strongly encouraged.
  • Individuals who have received the COVID-19 vaccination must follow all masking hygiene, and physical distancing protocols when attending church-sponsored in-person gatherings.

What the way forward looks like:

  • Careful and Cautious
  • Inclusive
  • Transformative


  • The Peace: Because of physical contact and proximity are prohibited, all individuals remain in place for the passing of the peace. Share your greeting through nods, waves, etc.
  • Eucharist: The Eucharist may be celebrated, and Communion may be distributed in one kind only, the bread.

ALL participants in worship, including all worship leaders, should wear masks throughout the gathering. The Rector may remove their mask when preaching.

Singing is prohibited, except by one person per service who maintains at least 15 feet of physical distance from all others.

We returned to In-Person Worship at both 8am and 10am Services on March 21st, using the same system that we used last fall.

The website will be updated every Sunday afternoon with the links for the next service.

An email will be sent out on Monday each week with two (2) buttons. One will have the link for 8 am and the other for the 10 am service.  Everyone MUST register for a service due to the requirement of contact tracing.  Anyone who wishes to be on the “Automatic Reservation” list should contact David Burgess as soon as possible.

We will still have a need for lay participation, whether live or recorded. Click here to sign-up for the months of  MAY   and    JUNE.

If you would like to be on the automatic reservation list, or have any questions please contact David Burgess.

To read the Updated Diocesan Guidelines click here.

Upcoming Events

All In-Person Events require a reservation.  If you have an automatic reservation OR are participating in the Service you do not need to make a reservation, it has already been done for you.  Thank you.

Sunday, May 16th ~ Seventh Sunday of Easter

Rogation Sunday

Will also be streamed on Zoom and Facebook/StDavids

Reservations Required, along with masks and social distancing.


Click here for the Service Leaflet.  

Virtual Coffee Hour follows at 12:00 noon on Zoom.



This Week at St. David’s: 

Tuesday, May 11th, ~ 7 p.m.  ~  Book / Bible Study on Zoom


Future Events at St. David’s:

Sunday, May 23rd  ~  8:00 a.m  and  10:00 a.m. Services


Past Events 

Sunday, April 4th ~ Easter Sunday     

Click here for the Service Leaflet.    

Click here to VIEW the Service.        Click here to VIEW the Virtual Choir.

Thursday, April 1st ~ Maundy Thursday        7 p.m.

East Side Episcopalians join together at St. David’s

Maundy Thursday Service Leaflet.      VIEW the Service.

Friday, April 2nd ~ Good Friday     7 p.m.

East Side Episcopalians join together at St. David’s

Good Friday Service Leaflet.       VIEW the Service.

Monday, January 18th ~ Celebration of a New Ministry – Welcoming a new Rector.  Click here to view.    Click here for the Service Leaflet.

Saturday, February 13th ~ Special Prayer Service Honoring the Life of Pauline Handschy.  Click here to view.

Wednesday, February 17th, ~ 7:00 P.M. –   St. David’s Re-Broadcast of the Bishop’s morning service.   

Click here to view and Click here for the Service Leaflet.

What does the CNY Episcopal Diocese say about Racism?   

The beauty and communion of our worship, prayers, music and sanctuary, with a view of our Memorial Garden, lift us up to live our lives in service of our neighbors.

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