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Returning to In-Person Worship

At the June 28th Vestry meeting it was agreed that we would begin the process of easing restrictions and requirements on a slow, responsible path.

At the present time the wearing of masks will be optional for those who have been vacinnated for COVID-19, and encouraged for those who are not.  Social Distancing will be encouraged by family groups.  We also have begun to receive the Holy Eucharist in both kinds.

What the way forward looks like:

  • Careful and Cautious
  • Inclusive
  • Transformative


  • The Peace: Because of physical contact and proximity concerns members are asked to limit physical contact to those in your own family group, and to share the Peace in other ways through nods, waves, etc. to other parishioners.
  • Eucharist: The Eucharist will return to being celebrated in both kinds.

Singing continues to be restricted, except by up to four (4) people per service, who maintain a safe from all others.

We will continue to require reservations for all services and events for the time being.

The website will be updated every Sunday afternoon with the links for the next service.

An email will be sent out on Monday each week with two (2) buttons. One will have the link for 8 am and the other for the 10 am service.  Everyone MUST register for a service due to the requirement of contact tracing.  Anyone who wishes to be on the “Automatic Reservation” list should contact David Burgess as soon as possible.

We will still have a need for lay participation, whether live or recorded.

Click here to sign-up for the month of AUGUST.

Upcoming Events

All In-Person Events require a reservation.  If you have an automatic reservation OR are participating in the Service you do not need to make a reservation, it has already been done for you.  Thank you.


Sunday, August 1st, 2021    ~    Tenth Sunday After Pentecost 

Reservations are required

Masks are optional for those who have been vaccinated

Social Distancing is encouraged


Click here for the Service Leaflet.

Click Here to attend by Zoom (password will be proper13) or you can watch on Facebook/StDavids

In-Person Coffee Hour follows the 10:00 a.m. Service in the Courtyard (weather permitting) or the Parish Hall.


Hosts are needed, you can sign-up on the monthly lay participation link or contact David Burgess.


This week at St. David’s: 

Tuesday, August 3rd,  ~  7 p.m.  –  Book / Bible Study on Zoom


Future Events at St. David’s:

Sunday, August 8th,   ~   8:00 a.m     and     10:00 a.m.

Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost


Sunday, September 12th  ~  East Side Episcopalian’s Annual Picnic

Town of DeWitt,  Ryder Park


September 24th  ~  2pm until 7pm

American Red Cross Blood Drive

in the St. David’s Parish Hall

                Register: Click Here                             Volunteer: Click Here


What does the CNY Episcopal Diocese say about Racism?   


The beauty and communion of our worship, prayers, music and sanctuary, with a view of our Memorial Garden, lift us up to live our lives in service of our neighbors.

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