This page is currently set up to to work through how we can make this work.

It was realized that the goal to prepare music this way in time for Easter was unrealistic.

We will sing and record our parts individually then email them to Dick so he can combine them into a single recording to be played during our virtual service. Dick is working on a safe way to record individual singers at the church, if you are unable to record yourself. Email him to arrange this.

You can view/print the pdf of the music score and play the recording of your part (and the full recording) online below . Practice singing along and when you are ready, record the video (or audio) of yourself singing your part, while listening to your part with earphones, so only your voice is recorded.

Note from Tina: I did a recording for the diocese virtual choir this way: After practicing, I put on headphones connected to my phone and played my part through the headphones while recording a video of myself singing. I have Windows on my PC, so searched for / opened the camera app and recorded a video.

When you have a video you like, email it to Dick, in time for him to combine them with others. See schedule below.

Date recording to Dick Service Date Music Score Audio
Wed, Apr 8 Easter Sunday Apr 12 Wondrous Love Wondrous Love Audio
Thurs, Apr 9 Easter Sunday Apr 12 Easter Anthem Easter Anthem Audio


Wondrous Love







Tenor / Baritone

Easter Anthem










Posted on April 5, 2018 By tnancollas